WILD KONCEPTS is a USA based small business that was founded in 2016 from Cincinnati in Ohio. Our goal is sharing our pendants at low rock bottom prices at the same time giving you a stylized look with out the worry of it breaking. We are dedicated to selling the highest quality handmade cabochons on the market today, ranging from the simple pendants to the unique high end pendants not found elsewhere. In addition to cabochon(s) we also offer contemporary and modern pendants. Our work is with a touch of modern concept in artistry, we use the past, the stories, the myths, designs and facts as a source of inspiration for modern day designs. We take great pride that our handmade products are designed with a full understanding and appreciation with some of the best quality. We have the knowledge and respect required to use designs and concepts in a correct form of fashion. Our pendants are not your normal small size. We look at the bigger picture and work on the quality of size, the materials used, the artistry behind a piece and craftmanship. 

( Below is an image from our flea market, Turtle Creek in Ohio )

Through out the years we have slowly expanded. We can be found at a few flea markets in Ohio and trade shows. We are promising to bring you the most diverse & comprehensive collection of original pendants & hand made cabochon(s). A satisfaction that is unavailable elsewhere. We have high quality, replicas, originals & handmade jewelry pieces. Many of our pieces are based on mythology, the fantasy world, hip-hop culture and so forth but we add a twist of modern culture as is today into our items.  

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